Our People

Our People

We embrace that children are born with immense potential and our responsibility is to draw out this potential that exists within each and every child. Our approach is one of continuous improvement, based on the belief that a quality childcare Educator never sits back with ease and accepts that there is no more room for improvement. No matter how wonderful the program is, or how well trained the Educator, there is always more that can be done.

At The Learning Tree we treat children with respect and dignity and work daily to be worthy of the trust families have shown by placing their child in our care. We recognize that the environment is a huge part of the children's learning, and as educators we work hard to foster a joyful environment where children can feel happy and content.

We understand that teamwork is the ultimate tool that will help children grow into strong, independent, friendly young people so that when they enter school and environments with other children, they can work well with them and be sociable. Our Educators have all worked within our centre for at least a year, with most working here between 3 and 5 years, the longest being our Centre Manager at 16 years. We provide stability, consistency, cooperation and fun!

Our educators are professional, experienced and passionate about giving children the best start to their educational lives. We all come with our own personal learning philosophies and an overarching mission of embracing all of the children in our care. We focus on creating a fun learning environment where the children can thrive and grow as individuals.

Meet Our Centre Manager

Lisa Jacob

Centre Manager

Years in childcare: 17 years (at this very Centre!) 18 years in March 2017.

Qualifications: Diploma of Children’s Services, Certificate IV in Frontline Management, First Aid/Management of Asthma and Anaphylaxis, In Safe Hands Workplace Health and Safety Training

What makes you passionate about working in childcare? Working with children is so rewarding. Children have a natural curiosity, a sense of wonder and enthusiasm for play and learning, which has a positive effect on all those who work with them. Equally, they need to be encouraged and supported by people who bring the same enthusiasm to these experiences as they have. Working with children keeps me young at heart. As a quality Educator I am never finished learning about my work and I am passionate about the journey - staying current on issues relating to child care and development, attending conferences, joining groups, reading journals, etc. The role satisfies my thirst for knowledge!

What is the funniest or most memorable moment you can share from working in childcare? There are almost too many to name!

One story that springs to mind is… I am from New Zealand and although I have been here for almost 18 years my accent is quite thick. Whilst telling an easel board drawing story to our pre Kindy class- The Three little pigs (or at least my take on it) I explained that the Big Bad Wolf had returned home with a very hungry tummy and gone to bed with no dinner. I could all of a sudden hear rumblings and murmurs amongst the group when one little boy said “Excuse me Lisa, my daddy has a beard” I tried to explain to him I was saying “BED” to which he still heard BEARD as did the other children and a conversation about beards then ensued. The group and I then spent five minutes discussing what it was I was trying to say and also how to correctly say BED. Once I was sounding more Australian they all cheered and clapped telling me how clever I am.

Why do you believe your Centre is an excellent choice for parents seeking the best childcare? What is unique about The Learning Tree Edgewater is our connection to nature and the world around us. We are nestled against a cliff face surrounded by all of nature’s beauty with a natural lake just walking distance from the centre. We are extremely passionate about providing the best possible educational experiences for our children and fostering an environment where they feel comfortable and inspired to explore their own individuality. We pride ourselves on the consistent, stable relationships we develop with the children and their families and the compassionate community we have created around our centre.